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19 Facts About Albert Einstein

Do you know that Einstein was a genius, an exceptional physicist and one of the most influential thinkers of the 20th century?
19 Facts About Albert Einstein

19 Facts About Albert Einstein

German-born physicist Albert Einstein is best known for his famous equation, the 'world's most famous equation' – "E = mc2". Albert Einstein (29 Facts was not very satisfied with Newtonian mechanics, as he believed that these theories were not sufficient to explain classical mechanics and the electromagnetic field. And this inspired him to develop his singular relativity theory. With these 19 interesting facts about Albert Einstein, let's learn about his childhood, brain, ideas, notable works and papers, married life, and much more.

1. Birth

Albert Einstein was born in Ulm, Germany, to parents Hermann Einstein and Pauline Einstein. At the age of 29, his father married Pauline Koch. She was eleven years his junior. He was born on Friday, March 14, 1879, at 11:30 in the morning. His parents had planned to name the boy Abraham after his grandfather. But he thought the name sounded "too Jewish" and was eventually named Albert.

2. Fathead at birth:

 Albert had a fat head at birth; this shocked his mother and grandmother when they saw him first. However, the fat head gradually decreased and changed to average size. Interestingly, the head with the brain that would inspire millions of people in the future was not so perfect at birth.

3. Difficulty speaking in childhood: 

 Einstein did not speak until three. He disclosed this fact to his biographer about the delay in his speech abilities. Today, Dr. Thomas Sowell coined the term "Einstein Syndrome" to describe highly bright people whose delayed speech.

4. Early Years: 

 He spent his teenage years in Munich. His family used to do business with electrical equipment in the city. Einstein loved working on puzzles from a young age, creating complex structures with his building sets of toys. According to his sister Maya Einstein, Albert Einstein could erect card structures up to fourteen floors. His ability to live with problems more prolonged than most other people demonstrated that perseverance and tenacity were already part of his character.

5. His friends: 

 Einstein was impressed by the company of a medical student, whom he invited for a meal every Thursday. A student from the Talmud gave him a science book, including a popular TV series, The Folk Book of Natural Sciences. The consistency of these books greatly aroused Einstein's interest in science, which he followed until the end of his life. The Talmud introduced Einstein to a book on geometry two years earlier when he was determined to learn it in school.

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6. School: 

Einstein was not comfortable in school because he did not like the style of teaching. He did not believe in systematic training in the worship of authority and instead promoted individualism and free thinking without prejudice. He once said, "A stupid faith in authority is the worst enemy of truth."

7. Why was he different? 

 Many attribute his success to his unconventional approach to learning, challenging authority, and making him obsessed with secrets that others may not find amusing. Einstein emphasised the importance of personality.

8. A symptom of a mental disorder:

  Einstein, throughout his life, had a mild form of echolalia, which caused him to repeat phrases to himself two or three times, especially if he liked them. He loved to think in pictures, a vital strategy of some of the world's most famous thinkers and scientists, including Nikola Tesla.


The parietal lobe in Einstein's brain was 15% larger than the average brain.

10. Fascination for Science: 

Einstein's fascination for science began with a pocket compass that his father showed him when Einstein was five years old. He wondered what made the needle go in a specific direction and nowhere; this was the beginning of his long and illustrious career in science, making him famous worldwide. He later quoted, "I still remember - or at least I think I could remember - that this experience left an intense and lasting impression on me."

11. His Idol: 

 Galileo Galilei was Einstein's favourite scientist.


 Do you know that Sir Isaac Newton was born in the year of the death of Galileo Galilei, and Einstein was born in the year of Maxwell's death?

13. Not suitable for employment: 

 His teachers did not consider him a good student and refused to recommend him for other jobs.


 At the16th age, Einstein failed a test that trained him to become an electrical engineer.


Did you know that Einstein wrote his first essay on theoretical physics at the age of 16, titled "On the Investigation of the State of the Aether in a Magnetic Field."

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Since childhood, forgetfulness has been a big part of his personality. He often left his suitcase behind and could not keep track of his keys.

17. Citizenship:

Einstein was born German and Jewish. Einstein renounced his German citizenship in 1896. He became a Swiss citizen in 1901. However, he died as a US citizen in 1955.


Einstein got Swiss citizenship on the condition that he would get a permanent job in the country. He also had to pay some fees to secure citizenship. Einstein saved some amount every month to pay the said fee. He wanted to be a Swiss citizen because he admired a country that respected the individuality and privacy of its residents.


Couldn't Swim: Albert Einstein never learned to swim. However, he loved to sail and continued to do so as a hobby throughout his life. Also, Einstein never wore socks. He thought wearing socks was a pain, and he would often pierce them.


We don't usually think of Einstein as a fact, but these are some pretty interesting facts about the world's most famous scientist. It's amazing how he was able to solve so many difficult problems with his brilliant mind and use of math. If you're looking for a fun read that also teaches you something new, check out this article!

Einstein is an icon of science and one of the most famous scientists in history. The man who gave us relativity theory, invented the world's first nuclear reactor, and was awarded a Nobel Prize for his contributions to physics. But did you know that he was also a patent clerk? Here are 19 facts about Albert Einstein.