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Facts about Twin Tower

This article talks about the facts about the Twin Towers.The Twin Towers has attracted a lot of attention for decades -

Facts about Twin Tower

Facts about Twin Tower

This article talks about the facts about the Twin Towers.

The  Twin Towers has attracted a lot of attention for decades - from their debut as the tallest building in the world to the devastating effects of the 9/11 attacks. They were standing tall in the middle of the glittering Manhattan skyline. The Twin Towers were two of the seven made up of the original World Trade Center in Lower Manhattan, New York.

Facts about Twin Towers No 1:

1: They were named North Tower and South Tower.

Like many buildings, the names of these towers did not involve much creativity. They have been officially designated as 1 World Trade Center and 2 World Trade Centers, the North Tower, and the South Tower. His 110 stories were unmatched by any other building until the construction of the Sears Tower later in 1973, which also stood 110 stories tall. The remaining seven towers were named 3-7 World Trade Center, some of which were colloquially known by their street names.

Facts about Twin Towers No 2:

2: At one time, these were the tallest buildings globally.

The Twin Towers were the tallest buildings when they were built. When the Twin Towers were constructed first, They were the tallest building in the world. Contrary to popular belief, Towers are challenging to monitor from the ground up, but Towers are not all the same. The North Tower was just 6 feet taller than the South Tower.

They stood at 1,368 feet and 1,362 feet. They were taller than their neighbors, the Empire State Building and the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France. Both towers had 110 stories - each with an area of ​​over 43,056 square feet.

Facts about Twin Towers No 3:

3: The Twin Towers were completed in 1973.

New York - The Twin Towers. In 1968, Construction of the North Tower began. And it was followed by the construction of the South Tower in 1969. Office space was rented out, and by the 1970s, tenants began to move. Along with four other World Trade Center buildings, the buildings were completed by 1973. The 7th and last construction, the 7th World Trade Center, was completed in 1987.

Facts about Twin Towers No 4:

4: Philippe Petit made news for the high-wire walk between the towers.

Philippe Petit was already known as an adventurer in 1971, when he did a high-wire walk between the Notre Dame cathedral towers in Paris, France. Three years later, after completing the Twin Towers, he made news again by doing another high-wire walk between the two buildings. His trek across the Twin Towers was over 1,312 feet high, while his walk across the towers at Notre Dame Cathedral stood at 226 feet.

Facts about Twin Towers No 5:

5: Tower Escape from robbery, fire, and bombs.

People have tried to rob and bomb the Twin Towers before being destroyed. However, the September 11, 2001 (9/11) attack proved to be the end of the Twin Towers. It had previously survived another terrorist attack nearly a decade earlier. In 1993, a bomb exploded in the World Trade Center parking lot, injuring more than a thousand people and killing six.

In 1975, shortly after the completion of the Twin Towers, a fire broke out in the North Tower and spread to six floors. The 11th floor was the worst hit by the fire. The New York and New Jersey Port Authority decided to privatize the entire World Trade Center in 1998.

This includes the Twin Towers, located within the North Tower after a $1.6 million cash robbery from Bank of America.

Facts about Twin Towers No 6:

6: Another daring stunt was performed by George Willig in 1977.

In 1977, twenty-seven-year-old George Willig climbed the outside of the South Tower, climbing to the top in less than four hours. The officers were not happy with the move. When he reached the top, the police arrested him. At the very bottom, the crowd was cheering for George Willig's achievement, and in the weeks following his stun, they received a lot of media attention. Willig was also able to do some stunt work on TV.

He was initially fined $ 250,000 for the inconvenience. After all, he only paid $1.10—a cent for each of the 110 stories he measured. After his stunt, fans and the media nicknamed himself "the human fly."

7: The tower was built using a tube design.

The twin towers were constructed using a tube design to allow a more open plan. Their design came under scrutiny following the Twin Towers' destruction in 2001. The twin towers were designed a few years ago by Fazlur Rahman Khan, a Bangladeshi-American structural engineer.

The perimeter of the building is allowed by design to be strengthened with the concept of "pipe in a pipe." And it provides open floors for those who enjoy the space. The lack of columns throughout the building creates a more spacious and flexible design.

8: The construction of the Twin Towers cost US$900 million.

The construction of the Twin Towers cost the US $900 million. When adjusted for inflation today, this equates to more than USD 5 billion, indicating how expensive and time-consuming the construction of the towers was. Initially, the Port Authority believed that the structure of the buildings would cost approximately US$350 million.

Later, figures of US$750 million were estimated, but the total final cost exceeded both of these estimates by a significant amount.

9: Not everyone was happy with the new buildings.

Not everyone was happy with the construction of the Twin Towers. In 1964, property developers and investors negotiated the new World Trade Center and buildings. A group of builders formed the "World Trade Center Committee," which strongly criticized the size and scope of this new project.

Lawrence Wayne chaired the committee, which did not believe the new buildings were realistic or economically viable, and warned that they were dangerous or that a plane might one day hit them.

10: The top floor of the North Tower was controlled by the South Tower.

Access to the roof of the North Tower was controlled by the Operations Control Center, which was located in the basement of the South Tower. The top floor of the North Tower was the home of radio and TV broadcasting in New York. When the towers collapsed, the Empire State Building and the Alpine Tower were the two remaining options, with the Alpine Tower being the last option.

11: There was a famous restaurant in the North Tower.

The Windows of the World restaurant used to be in the Twin Towers. To make the towers more attractive and increase tourism, the Port Authority decided to set up a restaurant in the North Tower. Nicknamed the "Windows of the World," diners can enjoy the restaurant and its views on the 106th and 107th floors of the Twin Towers, the tallest. It opened in April 1976 and offered views of the famous Manhattan skyline. The restaurant was damaged in the first bombing of 1993 but was renovated after an investment of US$25 million.

To this day, the Twin Towers remain one of the most famous buildings in history. While he was never reconstructed, he featured numerous documentaries, plays, and TV shows. His rich story and tragic ending ensured a place in the history books for decades to come.